A Million Years

Finding God's Highest Purpose in Your Spiritual Wilderness


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How to Find God's Highest Purpose For Your Life

Do you feel lost in a wilderness with no clear direction?

Are you struggling with past hurts and disappointments with yourself and others?

Have you been abandoned and left to wander alone as you pick up the scattered pieces of your broken dreams?

In times of uncertainty, during a lonely wilderness season, we need genuine answers to bridge the gap between the darkness trying to overtake us and the light beckoning us not to give up. Even though it feels like you have been wrestling with one thing or another for a million years, God has a master plan for your life.

A Million Years: Finding God’s Highest Purpose in Your Spiritual Wilderness has been written as a spiritual guidance tool to bring renewed hope to those seeking an answer to the question, where do I go from here? This book contains the essential resources to help you successfully navigate your wilderness step by step. With each chapter, you will discover how this unique spiritual exploration can give you a victorious life of faith and help you achieve your greatest goals. Even though it feels like you hopelessly struggled for a million years, take this transformative journey of a lifetime and discover God’s highest purpose for your life.

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Beverly A. Price

Beverly A. Price is an award-winning television producer who has been the senior leader of New Thing Ministries located in Chicago, Illinois for over twenty years. The mission of New Thing Ministries is to love God, serve joyfully, and give generously. Beverly is passionately committed to sharing the transformative love of Jesus Christ through the Word of God and the power of prayer.

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